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5 Rules for Your Playoff Push: Thanksgiving Special

Only 1 week remains until things get really interesting in the playoffs.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to hunt the waiver wire.  This Thanksgiving isn’t all about Turkeys.  Big dog’s gotta eat.

With 1 game left, it’s pretty clear who’s in and who’s out.  Below are some tips that can help those who are on the fence.  The season hasn’t gone your way, but all you need is 1 more W to sneak into the back end of the fantasy post-season.  What can you do to increase your odds of punching your ticket to the big dance this year?
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Week 12: Last Minute Adds

Are you desperate for an add in one of the following categories?  I’ll help you out with the best option left at each position.  Let’s field a team with whatever is left available and ready to play right now.  I’ll try to keep the ownership rate below 20%, but no promises as there is less than 2 hours until kickoff.

Scoop up these injury fill ins before someone else grabs them, and next time don’t wait until the last minute!

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The Return of Josh Gordon

The return of Josh Gordon this week could be just what the Browns need to propel them back into first place in the AFC North. After sitting out 10 games as a result of a suspension due to a failed drug test, Gordon looks to pick up where he left off last season. Gordon was one of the best receivers in the league last season playing in 14 games and racking up 1646 yards and 9 touchdowns on 87 receptions.

At 6-4, 220 lbs, Gordon will be the biggest receiver the Browns have fielded this season. Quarterback Brian Hoyer has been effective so far this season with an under sized receiving core but the return of Josh Gordon will give a much needed boost to this offense. Hoyer is second in the league right now in completions and yards in attempts 20 yards and beyond. He is 25 of 50 for 806 yards with 3 touchdowns and an interception. It can be expected those stats will continue to grow with Josh Gordon back in the lineup. Gordon uses his blazing speed to be incredibly effective on deep routes. His size and overall athleticism makes him a tough matchup for any corner in the league. Last season Gordon had 15 receptions of 20 yards or more, second only to DeSean Jackson

Gordon should have a good game this Sunday against a below average Atlanta secondary. If he can shake off any rust that may have accumulated during his time off and manage to stay out of trouble, there should be no reason why Josh Gordon won’t be as effective for the Browns as he was last season.


Color Code: Gray and Blue

The great think about picking up Jonas Gray and Alfred Blue before last week is that they were almost completely available across all leagues.  That was before each exploded with production for very different reasons.

The bad news is that you probably weren’t able to obtain these players in almost any league the week after their breakout performance, unless of course you were riding the bottom rung of the latter and found yourself with a gift dropped into your lap.  At this point, last place owners most likely won’t be making the playoffs anyway.  In addition to that, the trade deadline has already passed in standard leagues, or is coming up in your custom league.

So what’s an owner to do?

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Update City: Week 10,11

Click (Tap) on a picture to see the update.   Yes, there are a lot of these.   Need more specific info, just ask!

Bryce Brown CJ Spiller Fred Jackson

  • Bryce Brown = The new CJ Spiller role?
  • CJ Spiller = Secret plan for a championship boost?
  • Fred Jackson = Leading the 3 headed monster?

AJ Green Mohamed Sanu Giovani Bernard Andy Dalton

  • AJ Green = Shut down completely by Joe Haden
  • Mohamed Sanu = Why hasn’t Cin kept his usage high?
  • Giovani Bernard = Come back from your hip injury this week please.
  • Andy Dalton = Doing is best Phillip Rivers impression

Ben Tate

  • Ben Tate = Flip a 3 sided quarter

Gavin Escobar Joseph Randle

  • Gavin Escobar = Was just waking up Jason Witten
  • Joseph Randle = Got some work last week

Ronnie Hillman

  • Ronnie Hillman = RBBC or do the opposite of the crowd?

Eddie Lacy James Starks

  • Eddie Lacy = Who knew he could catch passes?
  • James Starks = Thanks for your help, but here’s the door.

Alfred Blue

  • Alfred Blue = Monitor the health of Foster and the people

Adrian Peterson

  • Adrian Peterson = It’s a long shot, but might be worth a bench spot if you’re not morally opposed.

Ben Roethlisberger

  • Big Ben = Looked a lot worse than the stats suggest

Antonio Gates Brandon Oliver

  • Antonio Gates = If Rivers ever throws another TD, it will be to Gates
  • Brandon Oliver = The party is over.  Who’s going to be the new Danny Woodhead?

Doug Baldwin Marshawn Lynch Russell Wilson

  • Doug Baldwin = Upcoming schedule and pass / run ratio are way off
  • Beast Mode = He’s hungry, keep feeding him
  • Russel Wilson = Might as well tie his arms behind his back, but his legs work

Charles Sims

  • Charles Sims = Has to be better than Bobby Rainey and Doug Martin right?

Justin Hunter

  • Justin Hunter = Can be your secret weapon in the playoffs if (big IF) a QB can sling him the rock



Cleveland Browns; Humble Pie

I think it’s time to eat a slice. Yes Cleveland Browns, you are in sole possession on first place in the division for the first time in over 20 years. Yes, you have just dismantled the once mighty Cincinnati offense, but lets not forget that the season is 16 games not 10.

I think some of the worst offenders have been the Browns fans and media. Let’s not forget that this is Cleveland people. Acting a fool and making all kinds of brags about your team sucking and the Browns making the playoffs are going to be a lot harder to swallow in week 17 than they are to predict in week 11.

So everybody have a slice of humble pie this week and let’s show the NFL that the Browns aren’t like other AFC north teams. We put our money where our mouth is and not until it’s a sure thing. I couldn’t stand idly by and allow our fans to do the very thing that everyone hates about Steelers fans.

Everybody get in in this together and win with pride. The only thing worse than being a sore loser is being a sore winner. Everybody gather round and grab a slice. One slice now will taste a lot better than a whole pie to the face at the insistence of a 400 pound lineman in late December.

5 RBs to help you make the playoffs

Week 10 has come and gone, and now we’re revving up for a big playoff push.  Who else could there possibly be left on the waiver wire to improve your team, push it over the top, or save it from the oblivion of the stuperbowl?

Check your league’s trade deadline, ensure your players have a favorable strength of schedule for the playoffs, and make sure your squad makes it to the big dance.  A few small names after the jump that can propel you to ultimate greatness…  or ignoring them can cost you that coveted spot of honor:

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Updated Site Structure

As some of you probably have noticed, I’ve been doing some work to update the functionality of the site in recent weeks.  Please feel free to peruse the menu structure above ^ to organize players by team.

  • The Organize by Team page lists each league and division
  • Each team page lists each player by category
  • Each player page has analysis displayed by weak of the season

There will be more changes in the near future including, but not limited to the following:

  • Dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Inclusion of additional authors (inquire for author access)
  • Migration of site to .com extension (pending access to funding)

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions about the new layout.

Thanks for reading