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An Ode to Beast Mode

Oh Beast Mode my Beast Mode
Can your ferociousness ever be slowed?
The return of the Beast Quake has us all impressed.
Silent are those who say you’ve regressed.
From the whole league, heaps of accolades are to be owed.

Beast quake, that Beast Quake
All the announcer could exclaim was “Oh goodness sake”
That was no aftershock, it shook the whole nation.
The richer scale bounced in the local geo-station.
That celebration was better than a handshake.

All mortals share a fear of this Beast.
Skittles, they fuel him, so his rampage never shall cease.
These tremors, they cause the Pacific Northwest to erode.
Like Mount Saint Helens no one knows the next time Lynch will explode.
Mere mortals who doubt him are devoured in a feast.

The Ship! 8 Ways to Right it.

If you’re still reading, you’re in the championship this week…  Or you just really like to know about fantasy football advice that doesn’t pertain to you.  I’m hoping you haven’t made it this far just to falter on the goal line.  Demarco Murray broke his hand and you don’t know what to do about your #1 Running Back position.  You rode Run DMC’s coattails to victory these 15 weeks, now who will captain your wheelhouse?

Maybe you were somehow able to survive last week with Julio sitting one out after grabbing the NFL receiving yards lead just a week ago.  Good on you for your team having the depth to survive such losses.  More on how to taste that sweet victory after the jump:

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QB x 32: Week 14

How many teams are in your Fantasy Football league?  Is it a standard league with 10?  Maybe you’re in a deep league with 12 or 14.  Some gnarly “super deep” leagues have 20.  There are 32 NFL teams and none of them are on bye this week.  That means you have tons and tons of options about who to start at your quarterback position.  You might have 2 (or more) options on your roster right now, and undoubtedly more on the waiver wire.

The question we’ve all been waiting for:

Which Quarterback do I start?

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The Pettine Effect

Yes Pettine, I’m calling you out.  It’s about time someone stopped flaming players for their performance on the field and start examining your decisions off of it.  I can’t even write this intro properly without YELLING in the biggest letters I can:

Just pick a damn Quarterback already!

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Whos Team Is It Anyways?

Quarterback controversy has once again returned for the Cleveland Browns after a dismal performance by Brian Hoyer against the Bills this past Sunday. While Hoyer claims “this is his team”, head coach Mike Pettine won’t announce who the starter will be for week 14 against Indianapolis until Wednesday. Pettine pulled Hoyer from the game this week with 12:01 left in the fourth quarter after he threw his second interception of the day, down 14-3. Hoyer was 18 of 30 with 192 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions. Backup Johnny Manziel was then brought in and went 5 of 8 with 63 yards and a ten yard rushing TD.

Although the media and internet alike can’t get enough of Johnny Football, he should not be the starting quarterback this Sunday against the Colts. Brian Hoyer has played poorly as of late throwing just one touchdown and six interceptions in his last three starts but the bottom line is he has led the Browns to a 7-5 record so far this season and is 10-5 as a starter overall. Hoyer is actually the only starting quarterback who has a career winning record as a Brown since their return in 1999. With Pittsburgh and Baltimore also at 7-5, the Browns are still in playoff contention, something that can’t usually be said come December.

While Johnny Manziel’s first drive ended with a touchdown his second drive was shaky and ended with a fumble in the end zone which was overturned by the officials. Brian Hoyer deserves to start at least one more game. If he comes out playing poorly then sit him in favor of Manziel but I don’t feel that Manziel is the quarterback of the future that everyone thinks he is. If Manziel can’t learn to throw from the pocket and scramble only as an extra weapon then he will likely suffer the same fate as RGIII, who’s career has already taken a downturn due to injuries. The Browns will most likely have Johnny Manziel start at quarterback next season, realize he’s going to be a bust, and be looking for a new quarterback come the following season. Such is the Cleveland way.

This weeks loss can’t all be pinned on Hoyer as the run game was almost non-existent and the defense, despite making a few big plays, still gave up 26 points. Brian Hoyer has been the Browns starter all season and should remain the starter for this week as well, letting Johnny Football go back to be being Johnny Clipboard.