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Free Agency Flustercluck

Be on notice.  The build up to the 2015 NFL season is in full swing.  Everything you knew about 2014 is now dead and gone. All your favorite players are all on different teams. Your first round QB lost his favorite target and the rushing champ is looking to abdicate.  Does anyone know what the fluck is going on??!  Let’s take a crack at it:

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The Browns weren’t the worst

It blows my mind that this needs to be said at all.  Even more so surprising is that this is a shocking revelation.  People of Cleveland, believe me when I say this.  This isn’t 2008 anymore when my personal opinion claims CLE was the worst in the league even though the Detroit Lions finished with the perfect 0-16 season. I will stick to my guns until the end of time that the Browns had a worse overall season, finishing with a streak of 24 consecutive quarters without an offensive touchdown.  Woe was we that season, but this was 2014.

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