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Free Agency Flustercluck – Cleveland Edition

Seeing as the 2015 NFL draft gets underway at 8:00 PM eastern time tonight, it seems appropriate to take a look at the 2015 Cleveland Browns free agency season.  After the draft, the preseason is just a few training camps away, so let’s take this time to reflect.

I made a post about Free Agency throughout the league here.  Want more detail on everything brown and orange?  Ok:

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The NBA Playoffs are underway

Soccer/Football has often been called ‘the beautiful game.’  Professional basketball at it’s highest level is just as deserving of this sobriquet.  Just watch the San Antonio Spurs play just about every time they take the court.  Rough and often times dirty play ratchets up during the playoffs though in the guise of ‘playing hard.’  This has caused numerous injuries which have derailed title hopes for numerous teams in the past.

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Browns draft trade

Did I just figure out the Browns draft plan with my brain?   Here’s the scenario:

Browns trade away:

  • Both 1st round picks – rest of team is 100% anyway  😆
  • Jhonny Clipboard – because he’s out of rehab
Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel


The Titans trade back

  • #2 overall pick for Marcus Mariota -obviously


But here’s where it gets interesting.  The Titans can take those 2 picks and re-trade back up for a big time WR.

Why on God’s green earth would they want to do this?

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Welcome New Authors

Please welcome the new authors to the site. Meet the new Jhonny Clipboard exclusives and why teams they’ll be concentrating on:

  • MSalk: Browns
  • Tommy Litigation: Bengals / Redskins.
  • Dr Dip: Bengals
  • MenDryGal: Lions / Ravens
  • ZJMean: Admin / Colts
  • Dubstapalicious: anti – Steelers
  • Towering Infero: resident basketball expert

So, look for some fresh new perspectives and content this up coming season