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Cavs Better Without Kyrie??

Today we welcome the Golden State Warriors to a place called #Believeland.
This is not the land of milk and honey. There was never a gold rush that caused people to flock to this spot from across the country.
This is a steel town.  Our hated rivals got their name and infamous logo from a steel foundry in Cleveland instead.
This is a sports town. Even given the decades I overwhelming evidence, we never say die.   Stick around for the end of a hopeless game once in a while and see how many Clevelanders stick it out I the bitter end.  Can you remember two short years ago when Miami Heat fans got locked out of the arena because they didn’t stick it out for overtime?  That will NEVER happen in Cleveland:

Heat ‘fans’ miss wild Game 6 ending

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2015 NBA Finals Preview #ALLinCLE

As a resident Clevelander and necessarily a huge fan of the Cavaliers I’m a little bit biased in writing this article.  Come on boys, bring that ring back to the ‘Land for the first time since ’64*.  Yes, you see that asterisks correctly.   That year th Browns don’t even win the Superbowl.  These days it would be equivalent to the Cavs winning the Eastern Conference finals and ten everything stops.   Need I remind CLE more about the droight?   We all know plenty well, but just to put it in perspective; Wikipedia speaks the truth!  Read:

Cleveland has waited longer than any other city with at least three major sports franchises to win a title. 

The last time [CLE won] was in 1964 when the Cleveland Browns won the NFL Championship (pre-Super Bowl era). The Cleveland Indians last won the World Series in 1948 (the second-longest drought in MLB, after the Cubs) and the Cleveland Cavaliers have never won an NBA championship. The city even had a short-lived NHL hockey team called the Barons, which never won a championship either.

 In 2004, ESPN named Cleveland the most tortured sports city in America.[1]

Thanks Wikipedia! Anyway to the game:

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