2015 NBA Finals Preview #ALLinCLE

As a resident Clevelander and necessarily a huge fan of the Cavaliers I’m a little bit biased in writing this article.  Come on boys, bring that ring back to the ‘Land for the first time since ’64*.  Yes, you see that asterisks correctly.   That year th Browns don’t even win the Superbowl.  These days it would be equivalent to the Cavs winning the Eastern Conference finals and ten everything stops.   Need I remind CLE more about the droight?   We all know plenty well, but just to put it in perspective; Wikipedia speaks the truth!  Read:

Cleveland has waited longer than any other city with at least three major sports franchises to win a title. 

The last time [CLE won] was in 1964 when the Cleveland Browns won the NFL Championship (pre-Super Bowl era). The Cleveland Indians last won the World Series in 1948 (the second-longest drought in MLB, after the Cubs) and the Cleveland Cavaliers have never won an NBA championship. The city even had a short-lived NHL hockey team called the Barons, which never won a championship either.

 In 2004, ESPN named Cleveland the most tortured sports city in America.[1]

Thanks Wikipedia! Anyway to the game:

CLEveland Cavaliers

Wild Thang

There have been rumblings in the Land that Wild Thang might be poised for a return to the court during the finals.  Specifically, these optimistic souls were talking about activating Andy just in case he might be able to play.  If there is space on the roster, I can’t argue against that logic.  Wild Thang runnin thangs.  Some things to note:

  • Please leave him off the court.  The chemistry that this team has developed during this postseason is something that should not b tampered with.
  • Is he in basketball shape?
  • How would he benifit the team and how would that compare with how he will shake things up
  • Insurance policy in case a big goes down.  Hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Kyrie’s knee

  • Doesn’t look too promising
  • Can he still ball better than replacement?
  • Let him ball game one or keep Uncle Drew up your sleeve for the late push?
  • Play him light duty and let felt do what delay does


  • Let Delly do what Delly do
  • Will there be another injury controversy?
  • Hustle hard and prosper son!

LBJ, the king himself

  • Will redeem himself fully for all transgressions with this ring
  • Needs to take it to the rack!
  • Brickin 3s?  Get that weak stuff outta here. Do I still want LeBron taking the final shot of the game for the win?  Is there really any other choice?   You know the answer to this.

Golden State Wizards

Stephen Curry

No wait, that’s not right…

  • Akron born, so you know he’s tough

How to stop LeBron James or Stephen Curry: ‘You can’t,’ ~ James



Klay Thomson

  • In mere minutes, we will be able to see the long lasting effects of the knee Klay took to the side of the head in the elimination game in the Western Conference Finals.
  • No true sports fan should ever wish ill will toward any player, opponents included.
  • Best of luck to Klay’s injury and recovery, but (and does anything before the but really matter) will he be 100% ready to go for the whole series?

Andre Iguodala

  • Hack-a-Shaq is in full effect here.  Just keep hackin and see if Shaq shows up to the free throw line.
  • Seems insignificant, but can swing the momentum of a game when AI keeps layin bricks on free tries.
  • Can’t be implemented under 2:00 remaining in the game.
  • More info-pedia

Prediction time

Cavs in 7.  Gotta go with that hometown pride.

Those who are predicting Golden State to be the “clear favorite” haven’t been watching much basketball.  For more number crunching, check out the USA:

NBA Finals key numbers, expert picks: Warriors the clear favorite vs. Cavs?

Think I got it right or wrong?  Yell at the comment section below.


P.S. I don’t usually get into basketball, but I’m #ALLinCLE


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