Cavs Better Without Kyrie??

Today we welcome the Golden State Warriors to a place called #Believeland.
This is not the land of milk and honey. There was never a gold rush that caused people to flock to this spot from across the country.
This is a steel town.  Our hated rivals got their name and infamous logo from a steel foundry in Cleveland instead.
This is a sports town. Even given the decades I overwhelming evidence, we never say die.   Stick around for the end of a hopeless game once in a while and see how many Clevelanders stick it out I the bitter end.  Can you remember two short years ago when Miami Heat fans got locked out of the arena because they didn’t stick it out for overtime?  That will NEVER happen in Cleveland:

Heat ‘fans’ miss wild Game 6 ending

If we are this loyal when our teams have been losing for 50 years, do you think a few little injuries are going to discourage this fanbase, this city, this team?   I feel like I oughtta scream it from he rooftops; Oh Hell No!

Deli tray!

So the question then becomes irrelevant if the Cavs are better or worse without Kyrie.  The Cavs are #ALLinCLE in these finals.  They’re determined to find a way to win come hell or high water.

All conjecture aside, Kyrie is one of the most prolific scorers on this team or any team in the NBA. How then were the Wine and Gold able to triumph without his scoring presence on the court?  Really it’s a combination of two factors, which should be immediately obvious:

  1. The Cavs (and especially Delly) put forth an exceptional defensive effort.
  2. Golden state (and especially Curry) were shooting like Shaq trying to make a free throw.

What does this mean for the rest of the series?  It means we better order some more Delly trays, because I contest he should be the MVP if (when) we win this series.  Delly was exceptional in harassing Curry and we will need to see repeat performances of this caliber if the Cavs hope to keep Golden States vaunted offensive attack at bay.

Without Kyrie, Cleveland lost one of their big guns.  The shooting corps has complimented LeBron nicely by providing him as outlet opportunities, but it no longer seems in the realm of possibility to win a shoot out with the Warriors.

The next point of contention is quite the bad news for Cavs fans everywhere. Stephen Curry had one of the worst games of his playoff career.  When you’re setting a playoff record for most missed 3 pointers, you know something is very amiss.  How is this bad news for the Cavs?   Curry is not likely to look nearly this bad for the rest of the series.  In games this close, just a few more made shots by Curry can be all the difference.

What can we expect to see tonight?  It’s hard to tell what adjustments will be made in both sides of the ball.  Harassing the superstar seemed to work like a charm on the Cavs end, but did they borrow that strategy from the very Warriors whom we now face?  Rewind the clock one series and observe one James Harden.  Exactly one game after he dropped a 45 burger on golden states doorstep, he was harassed and smothered on the way to an embarrassing loss.  What happened a game afterwards? How could Harden bounce back?   We’ll never know because that was the last game in hat series.  Only a few minutes between now and game time will tell if Steph Curry avoided the fate of another James Harden elm inaction game performance.  Well all be watching.

Go Cavs!

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