FF Mock Drafts – ESPN 12 team

The worldwide leader in sports has an awful drafting platform.  It’s impossible to see what you’re doing with the same clarity as FFC (Fantasy Football Calculator) or even Yahoo.  The people in those mock draft rooms will intentionally sabotage your mock draft just to watch the world burn.  Additionally, you can’t see what other teams are doing so finding underrated prospects is just that much harder.

Now, I’ll tell you why I suffered through all of this 12+ times.  Last year I did mocks on FFC and drafted on ESPN… and made a lot of mistakes.  It’s best practice to use the platform which you will actually be using when it’s time for the real deal.  As frustrating as ESPN mocks are, they’ve made me a lot better at recognizing patterns in ESPN world.  Because I only have results from my teams, you’re going to just have to trust me:

  • Logic doesn’t always exist.  Another player’s bone head is your gain.
  • Early round picks weigh heavily on RBs
  • People (stupidly) pick QBs (Rodgers) in the first round.  At the time of mocking:
    • ADP = 9
    • Rank = 19 (when you open the draft app)
  • No one in ESPN believes in Ameer Abdullah and they pick him several rounds later
  • Owen Daniels is hugely undervalued vs FFC

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