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Sometimes in life we make mistakes. Ruthless Toothless will hopefully use this one as a learning opportunity, so in future drafts they will perform much better. After selecting eighth overall, they are projected to go 5-9-0 (1,449 points) and finish ninth in MBA League. They loaded up on ball carriers early, using three of their first five picks to scoop up RBs Jamaal Charles (second round), Matt Forte (fourth round), and Jonathan Stewart (fifth round). A lot will be expected of this group, as they are one of the highest-scoring groups of RBs in the league.

My Awesome Draft

Ruthless Toothless
1. (8) DeAndre Hopkins (Hou – WR) Snagging Nuk late in the first was a risk, but one that I was willing to take to see if I could grab JC or Shady in Rd 2.  I felt good passing on Gronk here.
2. (17) Jamaal Charles
(KC – RB)
I’ll take JC here all day!  Seems that I need to grab a handcuff or two now for piece of mind, but I think it will still be worth it.
3. (32) Demaryius Thomas (Den – WR) Missed Shady by 1 pick on the snake back.  DT will get his no matter who tries to step into the Sheriff’s shoes this year.  Just remember not to double down on Sanders too.
4. (41) Matt Forte
(NYJ – RB)
 I remember a time when Matt Forte would be picked in the middle of the first round.  That was only a few years ago!  The man is the 41st player picked this year?  I’m ready to see if he can prove all his doubters wrong this year in the Big Apple.
5. (56) Jonathan Stewart (Car – RB)  Solid
6. (65) Allen Hurns
(Jax – WR)
 Pundits are so low on the Jax pass offence this year.  Apparently I’m bullish as evidenced by the next two picks.  Hurns lit up the scoreboard huge last year.  If he can even get close to that production again, a 6th round pick is sounding bonkers.
7. (80) Blake Bortles
(Jax – QB)
 For a QB who scored (almost) 300 standard points this year (depending if you ask ESPN or Yahoo), how has he fallen so hard off the hype train??!  You would think he deflated footballs in the off-season and was forced to sit on the sidelines for 4 games this year or something.. cough… Brady.  BB should be good to go again this year.
8. (89) Kevin White
(Chi – WR)
 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I think Kevin White has comparables to Amari Cooper, but at the rock bottom price of an 8th rounder.  In a league that requires a 3rd WR on the field every week, I’m taking the flier.
9. (104) Travis Benjamin (SD – WR)  This speedster finally escapes the mess that is the Browns organization.  I won’t go into all the feels about the Browns right now.  Suffice to say that if Travis can make it work in CLE, I give him a good shot to make it work in SD too.
10. (113) Tyler Eifert
(Cin – TE)
 I was so happy with this pick.  I needed a top tier TE, but I remained patient and the 10th round seemed to be the time to make a move.  I thought that Eifert could beat that injury designation and come out to start the season strong.  Instead he landed in my IR slot and left me scrambling for any healthy TE to start the season.  Only time will tell if he can turn the thing around and have a repeat of the stellar 2015.
11. (128) Derek Carr
(Oak – QB)
 Got me a little bit of help from DC last year when I had a real stinker at QB.  The fact that I was able to get both my 2015 QBs back makes me 🙂  Will DC suffer a sophomore slump (a year late)?  He has to be better off than Teddy Bridgewater right?  Too soon?
12. (137) Jay Ajayi
(Mia – RB)
 I’m not rooting for it, but it seems inevitable at this point that Arian Foster succumbs to injury halfway through the season.  Ajayi looked a lot like the starter for the Phins most of the offseason.  I’ll wait around for a few weeks to see what happens.  You can’t go wrong with a potential starting RB in the 12th round for Pete’s sake.
13. (152) Zach Miller
(Chi – TE)
 Looks like he is all Miller no filler after all.  Except he’s questionable to play week 1.  Will I have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for whoever happens to lying around on the waiver wire?  (Yes, and I already have.  Picked up some Green fellow.  Not Ladarius)
14. (161) Buffalo (Buf – DEF)  Buffalo’s in Canada!!
15. (176) Nick Folk (NYJ – K)  Honestly, why do we pick K and D in the draft?  I’ve already dropped both to hoard 2 more players until the last possible moment where I will rotate in anyone who seems worthwhile.


 Ruthless Toothless out!