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FF Mock Drafts – ESPN 12 team

The worldwide leader in sports has an awful drafting platform.  It’s impossible to see what you’re doing with the same clarity as FFC (Fantasy Football Calculator) or even Yahoo.  The people in those mock draft rooms will intentionally sabotage your mock draft just to watch the world burn.  Additionally, you can’t see what other teams are doing so finding underrated prospects is just that much harder.

Now, I’ll tell you why I suffered through all of this 12+ times.  Last year I did mocks on FFC and drafted on ESPN… and made a lot of mistakes.  It’s best practice to use the platform which you will actually be using when it’s time for the real deal.  As frustrating as ESPN mocks are, they’ve made me a lot better at recognizing patterns in ESPN world.  Because I only have results from my teams, you’re going to just have to trust me:

  • Logic doesn’t always exist.  Another player’s bone head is your gain.
  • Early round picks weigh heavily on RBs
  • People (stupidly) pick QBs (Rodgers) in the first round.  At the time of mocking:
    • ADP = 9
    • Rank = 19 (when you open the draft app)
  • No one in ESPN believes in Ameer Abdullah and they pick him several rounds later
  • Owen Daniels is hugely undervalued vs FFC

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2015 NBA Finals Preview #ALLinCLE

As a resident Clevelander and necessarily a huge fan of the Cavaliers I’m a little bit biased in writing this article.  Come on boys, bring that ring back to the ‘Land for the first time since ’64*.  Yes, you see that asterisks correctly.   That year th Browns don’t even win the Superbowl.  These days it would be equivalent to the Cavs winning the Eastern Conference finals and ten everything stops.   Need I remind CLE more about the droight?   We all know plenty well, but just to put it in perspective; Wikipedia speaks the truth!  Read:

Cleveland has waited longer than any other city with at least three major sports franchises to win a title. 

The last time [CLE won] was in 1964 when the Cleveland Browns won the NFL Championship (pre-Super Bowl era). The Cleveland Indians last won the World Series in 1948 (the second-longest drought in MLB, after the Cubs) and the Cleveland Cavaliers have never won an NBA championship. The city even had a short-lived NHL hockey team called the Barons, which never won a championship either.

 In 2004, ESPN named Cleveland the most tortured sports city in America.[1]

Thanks Wikipedia! Anyway to the game:

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Welcome New Authors

Please welcome the new authors to the site. Meet the new Jhonny Clipboard exclusives and why teams they’ll be concentrating on:

  • MSalk: Browns
  • Tommy Litigation: Bengals / Redskins.
  • Dr Dip: Bengals
  • MenDryGal: Lions / Ravens
  • ZJMean: Admin / Colts
  • Dubstapalicious: anti – Steelers
  • Towering Infero: resident basketball expert

So, look for some fresh new perspectives and content this up coming season


Whos Team Is It Anyways?

Quarterback controversy has once again returned for the Cleveland Browns after a dismal performance by Brian Hoyer against the Bills this past Sunday. While Hoyer claims “this is his team”, head coach Mike Pettine won’t announce who the starter will be for week 14 against Indianapolis until Wednesday. Pettine pulled Hoyer from the game this week with 12:01 left in the fourth quarter after he threw his second interception of the day, down 14-3. Hoyer was 18 of 30 with 192 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions. Backup Johnny Manziel was then brought in and went 5 of 8 with 63 yards and a ten yard rushing TD.

Although the media and internet alike can’t get enough of Johnny Football, he should not be the starting quarterback this Sunday against the Colts. Brian Hoyer has played poorly as of late throwing just one touchdown and six interceptions in his last three starts but the bottom line is he has led the Browns to a 7-5 record so far this season and is 10-5 as a starter overall. Hoyer is actually the only starting quarterback who has a career winning record as a Brown since their return in 1999. With Pittsburgh and Baltimore also at 7-5, the Browns are still in playoff contention, something that can’t usually be said come December.

While Johnny Manziel’s first drive ended with a touchdown his second drive was shaky and ended with a fumble in the end zone which was overturned by the officials. Brian Hoyer deserves to start at least one more game. If he comes out playing poorly then sit him in favor of Manziel but I don’t feel that Manziel is the quarterback of the future that everyone thinks he is. If Manziel can’t learn to throw from the pocket and scramble only as an extra weapon then he will likely suffer the same fate as RGIII, who’s career has already taken a downturn due to injuries. The Browns will most likely have Johnny Manziel start at quarterback next season, realize he’s going to be a bust, and be looking for a new quarterback come the following season. Such is the Cleveland way.

This weeks loss can’t all be pinned on Hoyer as the run game was almost non-existent and the defense, despite making a few big plays, still gave up 26 points. Brian Hoyer has been the Browns starter all season and should remain the starter for this week as well, letting Johnny Football go back to be being Johnny Clipboard.


Updated Site Structure

As some of you probably have noticed, I’ve been doing some work to update the functionality of the site in recent weeks.  Please feel free to peruse the menu structure above ^ to organize players by team.

  • The Organize by Team page lists each league and division
  • Each team page lists each player by category
  • Each player page has analysis displayed by weak of the season

There will be more changes in the near future including, but not limited to the following:

  • Dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Inclusion of additional authors (inquire for author access)
  • Migration of site to .com extension (pending access to funding)

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions about the new layout.

Thanks for reading


Watch 'em go! ..and get called back

Johnny Trickster


  1. JT = Johnny Trickster
  2. JC = Johnny Clipboard

A post about the Brownies without a few choice words just wouldn’t feel like home.  I have taken care of that amicibly below in the section affectionatly refered to as “rant.”  Let’s move on to that GIF that has been flashing in your peripheral vision above, shall we?

  • Why was Johnny on the Field?
  • Why were the coaches using Johnny as a wide receiver?
    • What if he got knocked out?
    • Will he be used in other “creative” ways in the future?
    • It’s a copycat league, why / how did several teams decide to use QBs as WRs this week??
  • Was this play legal?
  • Was this play appropriate?

Instead of answer all of those questions in a logical fashion, I could instead predict the best and worst case scenario that could arise from this use of JC(1).

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