Abbreviations / Glossary:

Note: Percentage ownership is listed next to each player and rounded to the nearest full percentage point

  1. Thunder and Lighting
    • Ex: CJ2k and Chris Ivory or Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis
    • Big punishing back splits time with a small fast one
  2. Screen & Dump
    • Ex: Danny Woodhead, Shane Vereen, Pierre Thomas
    • Great for PPR
  3. Sweep & Deep
    • Running sweeps with WRs for big gains
    • Doesn’t help your RB or QB at all
    • Ex: Cordarrelle Patterson, Percy Harvin
  4. Zone Read
    • Read this
    • QBs pile up rushing yards, leaving your RB with fewer opportunities
    • Ex: Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson
  5. RBBC = Running Back By Committee
    • General term for splitting time
  6. Three Headed Monster = backfield with 3 options making each individual less predictible and valueable
  7. Hot Hand = Coach quote which designates the best performing option will be used in any individual game / week / situation.

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