JC Teams

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what happens when the rubber hits the road.  Can I dish as good as I dine?  Well the proof is in the pudding as they always say.  I’m just going to spash my teams down here and see what else I can do at a later date and time.

Btw, this info is up to date as of 11/22/14

Team Zimbabwe Zmillionaire (Z$Z) = 6-5

Rock Bottom Fantasies 2014


Team Eastlake Zebra Muscles (ZEB) = 9-1-1

Who is Mr. Hardcore

Team Salkiewicz (SALK) = 4-6-1

Who is Mr. Hardcore

SALK 11-22-14


As always, if you want to know more, I’m just a comment away below.

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