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Regular Season

11.)I can’t believe Sanu didn’t get more attention Thursday night. He’s played lights out without the presence of AJ Green and I expected that to continue with reduced pressure for him to perform with the #1 CB draping AJ and letting Sanu run wild. The problem is that Dalton couldn’t (or wouldn’t) get the ball to him. I’m more than a little concerned about the changing dynamic here. It has to get better for Cin, but I don’t know when or how much.
6.)Marvin Jones (0.7%) = Foot / ankle.  Sanu will carry (catch) the load.

3.)Remember when A.J. Green got turf toe?  We should have known it wasn’t serious

Keep playing Sanu every consecutive week he throws for a touchdown for the rest of his life

  • After the bye, consider the fact that Sanu could throw TDs to the following WR core:
    • Andy Dalton – who has WR1 skills in space to make CBs miss
    • A.J. Green – sans turf toe
    • Marvin Jones might be back
  • With all these WR targets, believe in Sanu’s pass TD threat :p

2.)Pick up Mohamed Sanu at your own risk

  • Week 3 opportunity
  • Week 4 bye
  • Marvin Jones / A.J. back by week 5?

1.)As far as Mohamed Sanu is concerned, he has seen an uptick in attention since Marvin Jones broke his foot. Sanu made a lot of noise in a preseason game to put him on my radar. He’ll be playing second fiddle to A.J. Green for the time being and will lose value when Jones returns, but I’m not extremely optimistic that will be sooner rather than later. He didn’t score a TD, but did get in the endzone for a two point conversion, so I’d keep watch on Sanu if you’re looking for a WR in the immediate term.

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