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11.)Eddie Lacy is doing something this year that I don’t even think he knew he could do: catch passes out of the backfield. The Packers pass offense has been so good this year that even Lacy has been a benefactor taking a screen pass for a long gain in each of the last two games. If he can keep it up, Lacy will take full advantage of the high octane Packers passing attack, yet providing those points in the all coveted position of running back.

Forget the troubles Lacy had earlier in the season when he was suffering under a tea hate with James Starks. The pass catching Lacy is here to stay. Also it’s probably safe to drop James Starks now.


  • You poor unfortunate soul, you have to watch the Packers passing attack light up the scoreboard like the great Chicago fire of 1871 while Lacy huffs and puffs for 48 yards
  • Looking at the stat line, this week was more of the same.  Similar production with the exception of a 1 yard score to salvage a moderate RB day.

3.)You poor unfortunate soul, you have Eddie Lacy – oh wait, that’s me.  Worse, I traded for him.

  • So Lacy has looked terrible, but he was clearly your 1st round pick, so you can’t drop him.
  • You clearly can’t trade him if you want to get a hill of beans for the man.  I’d say trading him now is the worst thing you can do; only to watch him potentially decimate your team down the road.
  • Do you bench him?  Do you play Starks instead?  No, no, no.  You have to keep playing him until he completely shuts down or starts doing something positive.  You’ve built your team around Lacy, power through the pain and keep starting him.

Don’t freak out, stay the course, and keep running it up the gut until you tire out the defense.  That’s Eddie Lacy football. (No concussions)

1.)Personally as an Eddie Lacy owner, I scooped up James Starks as soon as I could and continue to hold him. Who knows how long concussion protocol can take?

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