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Arian Foster seems to always be at least a little bit “banged up” but so fat this season he has been able to play and to produce very good results. Where does this leave Alfred Blue? Mostly waiting in the wings ready to fill in at a moments notice. Where does that leave Blue in terms of a fantasy asset? I don’t have a lot of hope that Blue will even see the field for a significant amount of playing time this year, but I’m keeping him on my bench just in case anyway. If Foster does experience a setback, Blue will go to the owner with the highest waiver priority. Since that person is not me, I’ll sink a bench spot on Blue for at least another week.




Regular Season

11.)With Foster and the people displaying similar production as well as injury history as Run DMC above, Alfred Blue is another Randle; waiting in the wings.  The difference between the two is that Arian Foster is officially listed as Questionable and said to be a game time decision.  If you have Foster, get Blue.  Otherwise, consider Blue as a sneaky play this week.
8.)Alfred Blue (7%) = 14 carries, but still a speculative handcuff to Foster

7.)Alfred Blue (2%) = Scored a passing TD @Pit, but only tallied 5 carries

6.)Alfred Blue (2%) = Move from a bench to a drop.  Arian Foster is back in business


Alfred Blue (4%)

  • You know it’s bad when you didn’t make the top 50 this week and have to go to the next page
  • 9 carries for 9 yards 1 point?  ouch
  • O – line could not block for anyone
  • Still a viable backup when the time comes.  Bench him…  Unless there’s an availability of a player of the Jerick McKinnon caliper.

Arian Foster (100%)

  • Splitting time with old Blue above (what to expect back from injury)
  • Will bounce back vs a softer D
  • How long can he stay healthy?

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