Browns draft trade

Did I just figure out the Browns draft plan with my brain?   Here’s the scenario:

Browns trade away:

  • Both 1st round picks – rest of team is 100% anyway  😆
  • Jhonny Clipboard – because he’s out of rehab
Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel


The Titans trade back

  • #2 overall pick for Marcus Mariota -obviously


But here’s where it gets interesting.  The Titans can take those 2 picks and re-trade back up for a big time WR.

Why on God’s green earth would they want to do this?

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Welcome New Authors

Please welcome the new authors to the site. Meet the new Jhonny Clipboard exclusives and why teams they’ll be concentrating on:

  • MSalk: Browns
  • Tommy Litigation: Bengals / Redskins.
  • Dr Dip: Bengals
  • MenDryGal: Lions / Ravens
  • ZJMean: Admin / Colts
  • Dubstapalicious: anti – Steelers
  • Towering Infero: resident basketball expert

So, look for some fresh new perspectives and content this up coming season


Free Agency Flustercluck

Be on notice.  The build up to the 2015 NFL season is in full swing.  Everything you knew about 2014 is now dead and gone. All your favorite players are all on different teams. Your first round QB lost his favorite target and the rushing champ is looking to abdicate.  Does anyone know what the fluck is going on??!  Let’s take a crack at it:

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The Browns weren’t the worst

It blows my mind that this needs to be said at all.  Even more so surprising is that this is a shocking revelation.  People of Cleveland, believe me when I say this.  This isn’t 2008 anymore when my personal opinion claims CLE was the worst in the league even though the Detroit Lions finished with the perfect 0-16 season. I will stick to my guns until the end of time that the Browns had a worse overall season, finishing with a streak of 24 consecutive quarters without an offensive touchdown.  Woe was we that season, but this was 2014.

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Who is Josh Gordon?

Mr. Gordon, who are you?  You said that people didn’t know you.  Who is the man behind the article you “wrote” recently?

An Open Letter To Charles Barkley & Co.

I’m starting to think the person who wrote that letter most certainly not you.  I’m watching a pretty substantial interview with you when you use verbage which is not similar in any way to the letter that was written in your name.

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SB XLIX Preview: 5 Keys to Victory

Are you “About that action, Boss” or do you prefer your balls on the wrong side of “Deflate-gate”?

Since #FF15 isn’t starting for a good long while, let’s do a rundown of a few of the finer points of championship football.  I’m talking the real ‘ship this time.  Statistics on paper won’t count for much when the lame duck pigskins start fluttering around this Sunday.

First and foremost, I believe I can predict with a high accuracy that this will be a competitive game.  There will be no repeat performance of the blowout of XLVIII.  One year ago, we saw what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.  There will be no opposites attack story-line here.  Each team who made it to the “Big Game” in 2015 is well rounded enough to put up a great fight all the way to the end.  Vegas seems to agree (for those who care) and the point spread is a narrow margin of 2.  It’s going to be a knock down drag out.  Unlock the keys after the jump:

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