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Lightning Watch: Week 8

Let’s get right into it.  Tons of player with quick summaries after the jump:

Reminder: Recommendations must be available (<20%) and ready to blow


Let’s see how a few players are doing that I suggested last week (or in previous weeks)


Jerick McKinnon Ronnie Hillman Justin Forsett Denard Robinson

  • Jerick McKinnon (84%) = The work is there.  Don’t worry about Asiata and be patient.
  • Ronnie Hillman (73%) = Bona fide starter in Denver.  Hope fumbles (’13) and injuries (Q) don’t slow him down.
  • Justin Forsett (91%) = Goal line work surrendered to a TD vulture.  Great workload otherwise.
  • Denard Robinson (75%) = Makes the Jags look like a NFL team again.

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Backup Watch 6: Lightning

Let’s see if we can kick things up a notch here in the speed department.  Let’s play this thing fast and loose.  If you want more info about a player, team, or specific injury / dynamic situation, please ask in the comments below.  Otherwise, I’ll be supplying only a one or two-liner on this page.  I’ll dive into more detail upon request.

Let’s get right into it.  Tons of player with quick summaries after the jump:

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Backup Watch 4: Hit or Miss

Are wide receivers even worth mentioning in this league any more?  Everybody who’s anybody needs running backs this year.  It seems the only useful strategy is to load up on as many backup runners as you can and hope they break out in the change of pace role for big gains.  All of the high volume, every down backs have been taken since the draft and you’re #1 pick is on the IR, or suspended, or maybe you really lucked bad and got both.

Practically every team is working in more running options in the following ways:

  • Thunder and lighting
  • Screen & Dump
  • Sweep & Deep
  • Zone Read

So, your RBs might not be looking so hot.  Let’s see what you can do this week.

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