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FF Mock Drafts – Every Position 10 Team

Are you ready for some football?  I’ve been busy mocking.  Here’s every position for a 10 team league.  I’ll post the 12 team league version soon.  Yes, there are some recent developments of note:

  • Arian Foster is hurt (big surprise)
  • Joique Bell has been surpassed in relevance by Ameer Abdullah
  • Kevin White won’t play any preseason games

So keep cranking out those mocks.  I’ve finally got a good handle on how I’m going to draft this year.  Do you?



5 Rules for Your Playoff Push: Thanksgiving Special

Only 1 week remains until things get really interesting in the playoffs.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to hunt the waiver wire.  This Thanksgiving isn’t all about Turkeys.  Big dog’s gotta eat.

With 1 game left, it’s pretty clear who’s in and who’s out.  Below are some tips that can help those who are on the fence.  The season hasn’t gone your way, but all you need is 1 more W to sneak into the back end of the fantasy post-season.  What can you do to increase your odds of punching your ticket to the big dance this year?
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Week 12: Last Minute Adds

Are you desperate for an add in one of the following categories?  I’ll help you out with the best option left at each position.  Let’s field a team with whatever is left available and ready to play right now.  I’ll try to keep the ownership rate below 20%, but no promises as there is less than 2 hours until kickoff.

Scoop up these injury fill ins before someone else grabs them, and next time don’t wait until the last minute!

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Color Code: Gray and Blue

The great think about picking up Jonas Gray and Alfred Blue before last week is that they were almost completely available across all leagues.  That was before each exploded with production for very different reasons.

The bad news is that you probably weren’t able to obtain these players in almost any league the week after their breakout performance, unless of course you were riding the bottom rung of the latter and found yourself with a gift dropped into your lap.  At this point, last place owners most likely won’t be making the playoffs anyway.  In addition to that, the trade deadline has already passed in standard leagues, or is coming up in your custom league.

So what’s an owner to do?

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5 RBs to help you make the playoffs

Week 10 has come and gone, and now we’re revving up for a big playoff push.  Who else could there possibly be left on the waiver wire to improve your team, push it over the top, or save it from the oblivion of the stuperbowl?

Check your league’s trade deadline, ensure your players have a favorable strength of schedule for the playoffs, and make sure your squad makes it to the big dance.  A few small names after the jump that can propel you to ultimate greatness…  or ignoring them can cost you that coveted spot of honor:

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