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Backup Watch 4: Hit or Miss

Are wide receivers even worth mentioning in this league any more?  Everybody who’s anybody needs running backs this year.  It seems the only useful strategy is to load up on as many backup runners as you can and hope they break out in the change of pace role for big gains.  All of the high volume, every down backs have been taken since the draft and you’re #1 pick is on the IR, or suspended, or maybe you really lucked bad and got both.

Practically every team is working in more running options in the following ways:

  • Thunder and lighting
  • Screen & Dump
  • Sweep & Deep
  • Zone Read

So, your RBs might not be looking so hot.  Let’s see what you can do this week.

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FF Backup Watch 2014: Week 1


This post was meant for NumberFire, but spoiled on the vine.  Yes, this info is obsolete now that week 2 has completed.  It is posted here for historical purposes.  I will post in this format at some times and not at others.

Send in the replacements!

Week 2 should be up soon.



  • **REMOVED**


You can stop yelling at your TV now.

Yes, I know your first-round stud running back underperformed while the backup stole all the touches and yards from under your player. There were injuries, there were concussions, and there were amazing backup performances. There were guys who stepped in for an injured starter, and those who simply outperformed their expectations. Who are they and what does this mean? Let’s take a look.

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