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Lightning Watch: Week 8

Let’s get right into it.  Tons of player with quick summaries after the jump:

Reminder: Recommendations must be available (<20%) and ready to blow


Let’s see how a few players are doing that I suggested last week (or in previous weeks)


Jerick McKinnon Ronnie Hillman Justin Forsett Denard Robinson

  • Jerick McKinnon (84%) = The work is there.  Don’t worry about Asiata and be patient.
  • Ronnie Hillman (73%) = Bona fide starter in Denver.  Hope fumbles (’13) and injuries (Q) don’t slow him down.
  • Justin Forsett (91%) = Goal line work surrendered to a TD vulture.  Great workload otherwise.
  • Denard Robinson (75%) = Makes the Jags look like a NFL team again.

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