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Free Agency Flustercluck – Cleveland Edition

Seeing as the 2015 NFL draft gets underway at 8:00 PM eastern time tonight, it seems appropriate to take a look at the 2015 Cleveland Browns free agency season.  After the draft, the preseason is just a few training camps away, so let’s take this time to reflect.

I made a post about Free Agency throughout the league here.  Want more detail on everything brown and orange?  Ok:

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Who is Josh Gordon?

Mr. Gordon, who are you?  You said that people didn’t know you.  Who is the man behind the article you “wrote” recently?

An Open Letter To Charles Barkley & Co.

I’m starting to think the person who wrote that letter most certainly not you.  I’m watching a pretty substantial interview with you when you use verbage which is not similar in any way to the letter that was written in your name.

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The Return of Josh Gordon

The return of Josh Gordon this week could be just what the Browns need to propel them back into first place in the AFC North. After sitting out 10 games as a result of a suspension due to a failed drug test, Gordon looks to pick up where he left off last season. Gordon was one of the best receivers in the league last season playing in 14 games and racking up 1646 yards and 9 touchdowns on 87 receptions.

At 6-4, 220 lbs, Gordon will be the biggest receiver the Browns have fielded this season. Quarterback Brian Hoyer has been effective so far this season with an under sized receiving core but the return of Josh Gordon will give a much needed boost to this offense. Hoyer is second in the league right now in completions and yards in attempts 20 yards and beyond. He is 25 of 50 for 806 yards with 3 touchdowns and an interception. It can be expected those stats will continue to grow with Josh Gordon back in the lineup. Gordon uses his blazing speed to be incredibly effective on deep routes. His size and overall athleticism makes him a tough matchup for any corner in the league. Last season Gordon had 15 receptions of 20 yards or more, second only to DeSean Jackson

Gordon should have a good game this Sunday against a below average Atlanta secondary. If he can shake off any rust that may have accumulated during his time off and manage to stay out of trouble, there should be no reason why Josh Gordon won’t be as effective for the Browns as he was last season.


Backup Watch 4: Hit or Miss

Are wide receivers even worth mentioning in this league any more?  Everybody who’s anybody needs running backs this year.  It seems the only useful strategy is to load up on as many backup runners as you can and hope they break out in the change of pace role for big gains.  All of the high volume, every down backs have been taken since the draft and you’re #1 pick is on the IR, or suspended, or maybe you really lucked bad and got both.

Practically every team is working in more running options in the following ways:

  • Thunder and lighting
  • Screen & Dump
  • Sweep & Deep
  • Zone Read

So, your RBs might not be looking so hot.  Let’s see what you can do this week.

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Backup Watch 3: Dig Deep

Remember last week when I offered the following hypothesis?

There are clear cut starters and there are the backups who wait on the sidelines to obtain their chance at greatness.

This clearly isn’t the case so far this year.  It seems by and large coaches are transitioning to a diversified approach rather than putting all their eggs in one basket with a star Running Back or Receiver.  Teams are opting for RBBC(1) or the dreaded three headed monster(2).

Well, welcome to 1 week later where that luxury is gone for many teams.  Injuries have caused teams to rely one a single outlet for their point production in many instances…  but before we can get to that mess, let’s take a look at Rodger Goodell’s black list.

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