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The Ship! 8 Ways to Right it.

If you’re still reading, you’re in the championship this week…  Or you just really like to know about fantasy football advice that doesn’t pertain to you.  I’m hoping you haven’t made it this far just to falter on the goal line.  Demarco Murray broke his hand and you don’t know what to do about your #1 Running Back position.  You rode Run DMC’s coattails to victory these 15 weeks, now who will captain your wheelhouse?

Maybe you were somehow able to survive last week with Julio sitting one out after grabbing the NFL receiving yards lead just a week ago.  Good on you for your team having the depth to survive such losses.  More on how to taste that sweet victory after the jump:

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Tallyho NFL! London calling

Chip Chip cheerio.  Good day I say.  This is just a friendly reminder that the Lions vs Falcons game is at

9:30 am EDT Sunday 10/25/14

Don’t forget to tune in to FOX networks just after the sun rises on your slumbering hangover.  I suppose I could impart a word of wisdom to go with that public service announcement:

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