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2016 Fantasy Football Mockstravaganza

TL:DR first:

  • Just say no to Le’veon Bell.
    • It doesn’t matter if he drops to you late in the 1st round.  You will need to waste a 5th rd pick on D Willy or sacrifice the first 3 games of the season.
    • Yes he was suspended in 2015, but you didn’t have to spend such a great pick on his backup.
  • Plan for Demarius OR Emmaneul NOT both
    • With the sheriff riding into the sunset, expect greater uncertainty and risk from both of these weapons.
    • I’d tolerate a risk on one of these guys to have a good year, but with the likes of Sanchez struggling to win that starting spot, both is a surefire way to white-knuckle through the 2016 season.
  • TE late
    • Yes I know how great of a season Delanie Walker and Jordan Reed had.  It’s still hurting your team to take them too early.
    • I’ve been tempted to do this myself.  See how my team got burned (or recovered) as a result.
  • Kevin White
    • I’ve taken him in nearly every mock.
    • I think his skills compare to Amari Cooper (I watched the combine 2 years ago)
    • Nobody has ever seen him play in the NFL = ultimate sleeper.  Fingers crossed.

Want more info?  Hit me up for updates.

Last year I told you to use Fantasy Football Calculator to do your mock drafts because the system over at ESPN was so poor.  This year I can’t make the same recommendation.  There has been a glitch in their system where the countdown timer doesn’t function properly.  This has made it neigh but impossible to complete even a few mocks.

So, I continue to wallow in despair with the ESPN mock system.


Happy Drafting

P.S. I didn’t do any mocks for Yahoo this year.  Of course I’m in a Yahoo league now????

FF Mock Drafts – Every Position 10 Team

Are you ready for some football?  I’ve been busy mocking.  Here’s every position for a 10 team league.  I’ll post the 12 team league version soon.  Yes, there are some recent developments of note:

  • Arian Foster is hurt (big surprise)
  • Joique Bell has been surpassed in relevance by Ameer Abdullah
  • Kevin White won’t play any preseason games

So keep cranking out those mocks.  I’ve finally got a good handle on how I’m going to draft this year.  Do you?